KTAR: Arizona Most Corrupt State In US


“According to the Harvard study said Arizona had the highest instance of illegal corruption — “private gains in the form of cash or gifts by a government official, in exchange for providing specific benefits to private individuals or groups” — when surveying nearly 1,000 reporters.”

ADI: Arizona’s Corrupt Government Provides Justice For Some


“The study relied on the opinions of members of the media, and there is unquestionable bias by the liberal media against republican government officials, so the study does seem to favor blue states. That bias however; does not change the fact that Arizona’s government is dirty. Very dirty.”

AZ CENTRAL: Is Arizona The Most Politically Corrupt State?


“In an interview with AZ Fact Check, Garcia's campaign cited a 2014 Harvard Study that surveyed reporters from around the country. It asked them to give a grade between one and five on how corrupt they believed their state government was. The people who responded to the survey remained anonymous.”

Judicial Corruption News: Retired Judge Exposes AZ


“When a lawyer puts on a robe and takes the bench, he or she is called a judge. But in reality, when judges look down from the bench they are lawyers looking upon fellow members of their fraternity. In any other area of the free-enterprise system, this would be seen as a conflict of interest.”

Arizona Judicial Branch: Judge Created In 2011 Protects Special Class


Beginning January 1, 2011 all formal attorney discipline cases are being processed through the office of the Presiding Disciplinary Judge.  

Arizona Capitol Times: Ducey & Judges Accused of Colluding


“That’s a rumor. I have no idea about that,” Ducey said September 18.  Ducey’s campaign manager J.P. Twist dismissed the idea of a leak at the court. He did not disclose where the campaign got the vote information from, but said it was a third-hand rumor that didn’t come from the  court. But the damage was already done.”

Frame Job Prevention Disclaimer:

#THINBLACKLINE project brought to you by #theUneven is for the sole purposes of expressing my personal distain for the lack of due process in the court system in Maricopa County, as allowed through my constitutional rights granted me by the United States of America. In no way is this political statement and satire to be misconstrued by those in power that I intend to personally harm anyone. I wish to achieve systemic change through political action. My personal disposition and style of communicating by no means has any relevance on the fact I’m a peaceful, non-violent person. will be conducting interviews and writing articles exposing any and all injustices found involving corrupt actors in the Phoenix political and media market. Legal opinions have been acquired and this effort will be reported in detailed format to WE THE PEOPLE OF ARIZONA.

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