Politicians are NOT above the law. Everyone should know that, and the Arizona Constitution is clear -- but regrettably, a reminder is needed.

— Doug Ducey (@dougducey) July 20, 2018

This morning I signed an Executive Order making it clear: No one has immunity from breaking our laws and endangering citizens.

— Doug Ducey (@dougducey) July 20, 2018


State of Arizona 

C/O Douglas Ducey

Re: Governor Resignation 



I’m not addressing you as Governor, obviously. Just like I didn’t address Bill Brotherton as a judge when I told him to resign. Now it’s your turn. 

No fair. No fair what you did covering up for that rapist, and lots of other things that will be released over the next 30 days or so. 

It’s over dude. I have 80 plus more calls to leak. And it just gets deeper and nastier. 

All you had to do Doug was go...”hey I didn’t realize that guy was doing _____ and _____.” Then humble up just a little, and take me a little seriously. 

Do me a solid? Ask around some of your bros from the Van Tuyl group about me. You know from the car business in Phoenix? Ask them if I’m the best closer you will ever meet. Sadly, if you would have done your homework, you would have found out that to be true. And that is was a bad idea to frame me after the State stole my kids from me. 

I’m one of the best closers you will ever meet Doug. Seriously. This deal was closed 2 years ago. 

And since that sad excuse for a judge Billy Boy STOLE my God given relationship with the children I love so dearly...well, I had to close the biggest deal if my career. You guys left me no choice. 


Your resignation is already signed Doug. You just need to make it a wet signature. I don’t like electronic signatures, I’m kind of old school. 


The thing of it is- I haven’t even put up a lot of the REAL BAD STUFF. And then the additional attempts to destroy evidence. ALL DOCUMENTED. 

This scandal truly will prove to be one of the largest in Arizona politics ever. 

This letter is from one dude to another, just like that video I told you to watch a couple years ago. That’s what’s wrong with politics. Too much pomp and circumstance, stuffiness and bullshit. Who knows maybe I’ll even run for Governor someday. I might be pretty good at it, being a renaissance man and all.

Okay, that’s about it dude. Oh and for the record- I do think you’re “bad” and a “criminal” and should go to jail. You’ve worked really hard in your career at playing both sides, and I see you’re not genuine in any way. Certainly in this situation, you made a bunch of horrible decisions and should tender your resignation, hold a press conference and issue a public apology. That would be appropriate, don’t you think? That’s my opinion as a framed investigative journalist. And I believe it’s a valuable viewpoint for the public to disseminate.


Gordon Rose

Governor Ducey: "No One Is Above The Law."

How Come He Hasn't Been Arrested Yet?

  • Engaged in a pattern of misconduct
  • Victim of misconduct was vulnerable
  • At the time he was married, _____ drove an intoxicated law student to his law office, carried her into the building, and while she was unconscious, removed all of her clothes
  • The law student woke up naked with a blanket over her and had no recollection of how or why her clothes had been removed
  • Lied that he was merely helping the law student in removing her clothes so that he could wash them because she vomited on herself
  • During a meeting of board members of a legal organization, _______ made unwelcome sexually suggestive comments to an  attorney and tried to follow her into the women’s bathroom
  • After attempting to follow female attorney into women’s bathroom, _______ continued to direct sexually inappropriate comments to her

*As soon as the Government allows me to operate freely as a journalist, I can credit the website that posted this breakdown of the crimes.*